Rain will come!!

When you think back, What can you remember? Do you remember the times, When your life was dry, No hope and only worries, Just a icy cold night, I took your hand and whispered, Believe that, the rain will come, It was impossible to know, Yet we started believing, Knowing somehow this drought, Will be... Continue Reading →


A Ray of Hope!

A ray of hope, Still lingers there, A shower of rain, Still makes me smile, A wish to keep it on, Comes from the heart, Little by little we chase, That dream we saw, It feels fresh and new, What we had and will have, A ray of life, Still breathes within us, Although lost... Continue Reading →

“The Wild”

A view of the wild, Lush and green,   Trees and mountains, As far as you can see,   Hissing sound of the water, Crawling down the earth,   Giving life along the way, It all starts from the wild,   Down there where, Clouds meet cities,   Morning fog all around, Fresh leaves and... Continue Reading →


The weeks go dry, In these summer days, All i need is now, Just a little of rain, My heart was fine, Beating and all, Need a new excuse, To travel once more, Rain is something i like, Rain is someone i love, This place is hot, humid and dry, I really need you in... Continue Reading →

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