Forever Mine?

Hello friends....oh man! Its has been a crazy and fun week yet many memories...I could not write anything and I missed it....damn!! So, how are you guys doing? Well here is a new poem for you crazies...enjoy!! I was all alone, When i saw the light, The tunnel was narrow, And it was so [...]

Always loved..

yes i was loved, always loved,   still fell through, hole from the web,   wanting for more, i was always loved,   still wasn't enough, never enough,   will i ever now, reach that place again,   for now a new, path has already developed,   being loved i was, spoiled and happy,   [...]


  Oh yes, its all over now, And i am silent once again,   Free to look and talk, But silent in the heart,     Broken and crumbled, I will say though,   I am blessed to have known, Love in the slighest way,   And i will love again, Even if i am [...]

💯 followers!!!

Hello fellow bloggers, It has been a crazy week but i am alive and well. Thank you!! I thank all the people who have liked my poems and followed me, and i am absolutely excited to get my first 100 followers. I thank you all for being a good part of my journey and hope [...]