“The Wild”

A view of the wild, Lush and green,   Trees and mountains, As far as you can see,   Hissing sound of the water, Crawling down the earth,   Giving life along the way, It all starts from the wild,   Down there where, Clouds meet cities,   Morning fog all around, Fresh leaves and... Continue Reading →


Lazy Story…!!! – 6

First few days were the hardest for me, it was so unexpected and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. "Shreya" had left the town and she moved to another city in a blink of an eye. We had just proposed our love to each other and I was nowhere near to... Continue Reading →

Morning dew!!

The morning dew that I saw, Looked shiny and bright,     Like a tear it rolled down, From leaf to the wet ground,     Freshness of the grass, Smells of happiness and peace,     That dew started all this, With the first drop among the few,     Everything needs a first... Continue Reading →

Lazy Story…!!! – 5

I really wanted to have a chance to speak with her again. After a loss of words last time, I had practiced a lot and was now prepared, full of confidence and dreamy eyes I decided to confront her again. I had finally asked her about the book.  She had already finished it and returned... Continue Reading →

Travel diaries – Part 1

Hello guys, I am sharing with you one of my travel experiences which made me realize a lot of things about life.     I had an opportunity to travel to Badrinath temple, which is considered as one of the "char dhams". It is a very sacred place for us and is quite auspicious to... Continue Reading →

The Lazy Story…!!! – 4

Like i said, time sure flies when you don't take notice of it. 6 months passed and I was miserable, having beaten down a few times, yelled at by teachers other times, lazily flaunting my skills at nothing.   Teachers didn't mind my presence, as I showed no interest to take notes, complete assignments, although... Continue Reading →

Forever Mine?

Hello friends....oh man! Its has been a crazy and fun week yet again...so many memories...I could not write anything and I missed it....damn!! So, how are you guys doing? Well here is a new poem for you crazies...enjoy!! I was all alone, When i saw the light, The tunnel was narrow, And it was so... Continue Reading →

Always loved..

yes i was loved, always loved,   still fell through, hole from the web,   wanting for more, i was always loved,   still wasn't enough, never enough,   will i ever now, reach that place again,   for now a new, path has already developed,   being loved i was, spoiled and happy,  ... Continue Reading →


  Oh yes, its all over now, And i am silent once again,   Free to look and talk, But silent in the heart,     Broken and crumbled, I will say though,   I am blessed to have known, Love in the slighest way,   And i will love again, Even if i am... Continue Reading →

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