Rain will come!!

When you think back, What can you remember? Do you remember the times, When your life was dry, No hope and only worries, Just a icy cold night, I took your hand and whispered, Believe that, the rain will come, It was impossible to know, Yet we started believing, Knowing somehow this drought, Will be... Continue Reading →


Our Little Prince!!

Dear World, I have been blessed with an incredible bundle of joy, he is my little nephew Arjun, who came to our life and gave our whole family, a new beginning into a new generation. Arjuni - natkhat kanha😘😍 He is the first child in our family from the next generation and his presence makes... Continue Reading →

Travel log – second leg!!!

Its been over a month since my last endeavour towards mountains. I was mesmerized by the snake like moutains, which were tough yet magnificent. Bhagsu Fall - Macleod Ganj I wanted to visit them again, and what can I say, if you wish for something long enough, it gets accepted by God. I am on... Continue Reading →

Lazy Story…!!! – part 8

It was a rainy tuesday evening, a bit more gloomy than usual. I was visiting a temple (dragged is more likely), with my new roommate Manish. He was quite easy-going and very humourous as we bonded quite easily although it was a big deal for me. We had made a plan to catch a movie,... Continue Reading →

Short Story – 1

Hello world! I was super busy last two weeks and could not write a word, but now I am back and hopefully will write soon. In the meantime, please enjoy a little short story by me - My Heaven! I have decided to quit my college and run away, I should have done this long... Continue Reading →

A Ray of Hope!

A ray of hope, Still lingers there, A shower of rain, Still makes me smile, A wish to keep it on, Comes from the heart, Little by little we chase, That dream we saw, It feels fresh and new, What we had and will have, A ray of life, Still breathes within us, Although lost... Continue Reading →

Travel diaries – first leg!!

I am not writing about the rain , not anymore!!(just kidding , but its annoying though) I was supposed to be roaming and discovering new places tirelessly like a hiker on a mountain trail with a good pair of shoes, but here I am, laying on my bed, and wishing it would stop raining.  I... Continue Reading →

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