About me!!

Hello good people of earth!!


This is Luffy(not really☺☺) , here to write whatever comes to my heart. Please bear with me and give me your support.


I am fairly new to writing and doing creation work, ironically my name symbolises “creation”, so will try to do justice to my name.


I am 20 something and a teenager at heart and wish to be pure and kind hearted my whole life. I want to bring peace and happiness to others by a little i can do.


Thank you, please keep supporting and forgive me for any error while i do so.


As the famous quote goes- ” to err is human, to forgive is Divine”


Take care.


15 thoughts on “About me!!

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  1. Thank you Luffy, for the follow of my blog. I’m glad you grabbed a hold of courage and plunged into the world of blogging. It’s fun, it’s full of interesting people writing and posting all kinds of interesting things. And for me, it has been a steep, never-ending learning curve! Enjoy 🙂


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