Travel diaries – first leg!!

I am not writing about the rain , not anymore!!(just kidding , but its annoying though)

I was supposed to be roaming and discovering new places tirelessly like a hiker on a mountain trail with a good pair of shoes, but here I am, laying on my bed, and wishing it would stop raining.

 I have travelled so far, from the busy city Delhi to this beautiful place called ,”Dharamshala”. 

I was in the mood to refresh my mind and my soul to face for another six months of city life, work and same routine.

I came here to relax, see new places and well have fun, but my plans are washed away by this rain. It has been raining non-stop since yesterday, like real bad shit, thundering rain and I have got to leave tomorrow again to that soul sucking place.

My mood is off , there is no light due to rain, my batteries are almost over, my laptop died and the phone will probably last another hour or so.
I have had a ton of coffee and there is no sign of weather to get cleared today. I think it is time to start packing my shit away and just sleep till its over.

I did get to have a beautiful dinner with my family( my lovely big brother, and my sweet and kind bhabhiπŸ‘πŸ‘, there I have done my part, Thanks for letting me stay and for inviting me😊😊).

Here are some pictures for you guys –
View from our place 

View from Macleod Gunj

Dinner with family 

Morning breakfast treats 

Lunch at home 

Nevertheless, I am happy that I came all the way to this place, It filled me with happiness and peace.
It inspired me to write the poem β€œThe Wild”
It will be a while before I can travel again, so I will keep reminding myself, “Shit happens”.

Well, let me wrap up now by saying, I wish I could stay a few more days here and enjoy it all and more.
I should go and enjoy my rain!
Pic credits – My phone😜


38 thoughts on “Travel diaries – first leg!!

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  1. Thank you for the follow. Your pictures of Dharamshala are gorgeous. I need mountains to be happy. The peaks in Snowdonia are my favorite so far.

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    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment…indeed nature always feels safe and make us happy…be it mountains river or forests….who can forget beaches… Snowdonia sounds snowy…lovely place…keep visiting and happy blogging!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„


    1. Yeah…rain does that…but I still love it…it brings so many memories….and when the company is good…no matter the mood…it gets fun…thank you for reading and sharing your views…enjoy!


  2. What a great read! Very descriptive πŸ™‚ we are hoping to get onto this trail one day soon πŸ™‚ any tips? Check out the trails we done so far to if your interested, appreciate your advice and support.

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      1. Haha…yeah…it is redmi note 4…highest selling phone…i guess…its quite good…for the money…just 13k….got it in February…i should be getting for the reviews right…should I give more positive ones



      2. Hehe…2 out of 5 has that phone…its quite handy right….and about pics…i guess lighting and mood does that…me too typing in the same….what can you say to that..huh!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž


  3. I love the view! I am really glad you had a great time there– the metropolis, a serene place in its own regard, tends to be overwhelming after long hours of work, and fast paced days. Cheers! πŸ™‚

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    1. Yeah…true…but its not the long hours that drain us mostly…its the hot weather filled with polluted air and excess of people…i guess….although it is greatly needed by our generation….I loved it…just the atmosphere and the feel of it all was really peaceful.


    1. Well…you can always visit it…it not gone yet….and yes the food and aura of the place ia just amazing…. amazing India….amazing people…cheap food and super yummy…I am a foodie so I may spend my later years here….that can be a plan!!

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    1. Yes…I know…but I had plans to explore more…maybe take the car and just drive and see more places..but roads are affected due to rain…so could not go…nevertheless…its true what you said…good food, better view and awesome company!!


  4. So sorry to learn that your trip went almost to waste. But like you said, it helped you relax. I would not have ventured out myself in rains as bad as have been reported in the North. But I totally get just how dejected you feel. Hate to say this, but maybe next time. 😊

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