Lazy Story…!!! – 6


First few days were the hardest for me, it was so unexpected and I had no idea what I was supposed to do.

“Shreya” had left the town and she moved to another city in a blink of an eye.

We had just proposed our love to each other and I was nowhere near to let her go. I had just got her and now she was gone.

Year break ended swiftly and with a lot of pain. I had locked myself in my room the entire month, my mother used to pry a lot but I couldn’t tell her anything, I mean I was just a kid who had his heart-broken, had no experience in this.

I lost interest in the classes, study and even library, i went silent for the whole year, my marks suffered and I was scolded in school and home as well.


We changed the city the next fall, and I was moved on.


Sam 20 years old…




It was hard to sit straight during lectures when you were high as a kite, it was not my intention to get this high, but it did happen, I had just tried a puff or two of the so-called marijuana joint, my roommates used to smoke. Manish had convinced me that it would help me focus better during lectures, he didn’t know shit about what I was going through.


I was sweating and my whole body was vibrating, I was getting jolts of electricity in regular intervals, although I was sitting at the front seat of the class, I could not understand a single word professor has said, during the last 20 minutes of the class. He kept looking at me and knew I was uncomfortable but he ignored me and kept on with the lecture.


I decided to keep my head down to let it pass and soon I was asleep.


I woke up, ran straight to the bathroom and puked my guts out, had to sit under the shower for good 10 minutes before I could make sense of what was happening.


I heard a loud banging on the door, “Sameer, are you inside dude”, chuckled Manish.


I was not in the mood to hear from him, I was pissed at him for getting me high.


“dude open up, I have news about your girl”, shouted Manish.


“whatever you ass, not now, get lost”


“wow and here I thought you would be happy, OK fine I will leave”, he stormed out and I was again back to getting soaked under the shower, I puked again and swore to never ever get high again(duh!).


Well, it was a shitty day, I got back to my room and slept the entire day off. Manish returned in the evening, smelling of alcohol. He woke me up and asked me about dinner, I threw a shoe at him, but he ducked and smiled.


He treated me dinner as a payment for getting me in trouble, and I forgave him happily, after all he was my best friend. We finished our dinner, I had one full tandoori chicken (had to make him pay, literally) and then we went home.


I did ask him about the information about my girl, but he mocked me and said, “It was just to get you out of washroom”.


I was a hoping to hear a little about her, my girl “Sonia”.



To be continued…



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33 thoughts on “Lazy Story…!!! – 6

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      1. I am not a master! (Pulling my leg, huh?)
        I think you could make up a few more posts on this,
        The two have just separated. there could be episodes on how they met again, how they have been all this while, and then may be your climax.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well u never know…i might have made that up!!😢😢

        Its my story….maybe i know how to keep it interesting… well i am still learning…so keep reading…i am sure…you wont be disappointed😇

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha….wow…thanks Aanchal….I am blessed to have readers like you….it gives me so much excitement to read the comments….thank you so much….i will try to write soon….i will be travelling for the weekend…but will try to finish next part.

      Liked by 1 person

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