Lazy Story…!!! – 5

I really wanted to have a chance to speak with her again. After a loss of words last time, I had practiced a lot and was now prepared, full of confidence and dreamy eyes I decided to confront her again.

I had finally asked her about the book.

 She had already finished it and returned it to the library, I was surprised, because it generally took me a month to finish a 1000 pages book.

I still remember, how nervous I was when I approached her, and the words just flew out, ” Shreya, I need the book”.

She without looking inquired, “what book Sam”.

“The book, you took from library, I need it”, not looking at her, I blurted out.

She smiled and returned back to her notes.

I was frustrated and I shouted, ” I need the book now”, her smile fade and she shouted too, ” I already returned it, go now”.

I was not done yet, with a annoyed mind, I shouted, ” I need the damn book now, so give it to me now girl”. 

My voice reached to the corners of our class, and everyone became silent.

I realized I had mis-spoken, I wanted to impress her, not get her angry at me.

Her expressions changed, she stood up her eyes became fiery as she looked at me, I lowered my gaze and then she shouted too, ” I said I have completed reading the damn book and returned it to the library, just go from her now”.

I left with an ashamed face, and got the book issued, after the school was over, I did not wanted to face her, so I took the school bus home that day, hiding beside 11th standard kids.

The next few days, I was quiet in the class, spent my time reading the book and basically avoiding facing her. 

A week later, I was amazed that I had finished the book so fast, in the library I was going through the section to find another book, where I saw her browsing around, swaying like a leaf in a tiny breeze, with only peace in her mind. 

She looked so bright, and I wanted to say all that to her, shreya saw me and my hesitation clearly, she walked up to me, held out her hands with a book in her hand, asked me to take it. She wanted to apologize ​for earlier and wants us to start over and be friends.

Clearly, I had a lot that day, she became my first friend, I was happy. We started walking home together, sharing our tiffin was a priority, well I boasted a lot of thinga around her, kept her happy and busy.

We had grown close real fast, only in two months, we had shared every little detail about each other, everything, she was already introduced to my family and me to hers side too. 

Being thirteen, there is only innocence, so all was alright. We both were happy.

Now I was teased even more in class, but I did not mind, boys used to call us, “curly couple”. Yeah, we were 13 year olds, who could blame themπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

A year passed together, and it was the end of school year, examinations were good. I almost didn’t believe it, but I scored with the top marks in my clasd.

My parents were happy, Teachers were happy, I was happy, It was the best year of my life yet, I was in love, yeah, it has been months since I felt i was in love, I haven’t told her yet.

I had already prepared evrything, I would ask her to come with me, we will take a walk near the park, I will make her close her eyes, to show her my new videogame, but when she opens her eyes, she will see a card made by me, along with 2 love bracelets, I made them myself too(again I was 13 years old, I hadn’t even kissed anyone yet😘).

She took the card, took one bracelet and hugged me, tears running wild in her eyes. She finally said, as she hugged me, ” I promise to never forget you sam, you do the same”.

I said, ” i promise” and kissed her cheek. It was so exciting, everything was so overwhelming, I was genuinely happy. She broke the hug, and left.

I wanted to hug her tigher, kiss her lips, speak clearly and loud, “I love you, Shreya, forever till the end”.

But I didn’t, all I did was leave a letter, and a love you bracelet, all I had was her book that she gave me. It was going to be a tough few years, but I did not know at the time, I was lost in the moment. 

I also walked to my home, happy and smiling till I reached my home and when I got home, everyone congratulated me for the top marks,and I couldn’t stop smiling. This was going to be a wonderful year.

A great year indeed.

That was the last time I saw her for the next seven years. 

To be continued…


13 thoughts on “Lazy Story…!!! – 5

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    1. Haha…time treats us in both ways…good and bad…are just two sides of the coin…you would not know what it is until you flip….thank you for your comment….should i tell you now….what happened..i really want to…but do you really wanna know?

      About getting angry…why do girls ignore and pretend to not know things…when clearly they do!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cause most of the times the know they’d misjudge boys.
        Well, I guess I’ll wait for the next post, (But it cannot be too delayed :-p) or else you are going to spoil the fun for anyone who reads the comments.

        Liked by 1 person

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