The Lazy Story…!!! – 4

Like i said, time sure flies when you don’t take notice of it. 6 months passed and I was miserable, having beaten down a few times, yelled at by teachers other times, lazily flaunting my skills at nothing.

Teachers didn’t mind my presence, as I showed no interest to take notes, complete assignments, although I knew every single thing they were teaching.

You see, I was smart, not Einstein smart but I remembered things after reading them, or hearing about them. I just had a knack for it, I didn’t work hard at anything, because I skilled at everything for my age.

I am not bragging, I am sure 3 out of 5 kids are the same, so my parents didn’t bother me much about studies, and I took advantage of that.

The only reason I went to school and attend classes was Shriya, she became my friend nearly 3 months ago, when accidently she took the book, I had reserved for myself at the library.

Library was the only place, i felt happy, at peace and was not bothered. I read books and was ecstatic to find the great collection of books there, I got into a habit of reading story books and was enthralled by adventures of tintin. A great pictionary story book with amazing plots and great story and cool cartoonism. I was addicted, and I had read them all.

After that, I went over Nancy drew collection and moved on to bigger and better things, having just started Lord of the rings – part one, just got introduced to golem(my precious😈😈).

I had asked to book the second part but when the day of issue arrived, it was already taken, i was frustrated and quite angry, I became somewhat like gollum( book being my precious).

I asked and got to know that shriya had taken the book, wow, literature taste similar to mine and beautiful curly hairs, i loved. I finally had something to speak with her, my dimple laced, curly haired girl with brown eyes. 

I had never been interested in girls before, but because puberty had finally approached me with full attention, I was now attracted to her. So, aftet I got the topic, i went straight to the class, saw her writing something in her notebook as usual.

I approached her, with admiration and choke full throat, I did it. I tapped her shoulder and got lost in those big brown eyes. Shreya was nervous too, i could see the hesitation in her eyes, i was simply watching her, and she was waiting for me to speak.


She asked, “you need something?”

I replied with a choked throat, “nah”.

She smiled, and went back to writing, and i was left standing staring at her hair, with a smile too.

To be continued…

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28 thoughts on “The Lazy Story…!!! – 4

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      1. Your try is paying off, at least for me.
        And I think you do not need to worry about it being real or fiction, sometimes it just flows off you, and I think this plot has been already made gripping.
        Good luck for the progress.

        Liked by 1 person

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