Always loved..

yes i was loved,

always loved,


still fell through,

hole from the web,


wanting for more,

i was always loved,


still wasn’t enough,

never enough,


will i ever now,

reach that place again,


for now a new,

path has already developed,


being loved i was,

spoiled and happy,


now i am left

wanting for more,


yes i was loved enough,

but now i need more,


love me more,

or leave me alone!!




-Boss luffy



53 thoughts on “Always loved..

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      1. I loved truly I got hurt badly.. It took me years to come out… There is a part which says yes loved and lost but part of me which struggled to make me whole, says no ways..

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      2. If you are talking about love, would I fall in love with the same person?? No I would be friends with him not love him.. Only if the heart and brain say yes, will I go into something..
        If you talking about life, I have seen a lot of things.. So I don’t want to rewind and go back

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      3. Yes, I believe in love, even when it doesn’t believe in me… But love per se has no conditions its we, who don’t make it work.. But I will be careful this time, unless is a commitment a forever thing for him, I won’t go into it.
        Pyaar kiya nahi jaata ho jata hai… I believe it to an extent.. Agar dillagi ko Hawa na do, wo bujh bhi jayega…

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      4. That’s my point, I don’t have time or energy to waste on frivolous people who don’t value.. Unless there is a deep connection.. I dont want to get into anything.. Its not about conditions Sri, it’s about commitment.. Just feeling is not enough, u commit to love..

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      5. Yeah you do….but if you think and make ur mind at the start or have doubts whether other person is playing or serious with us….and when u impose those doubts of yours to other one….den its called putting conditions….if u really want to feel love again…i guess…u have to let go…as you did when u first were in love….it may hurt again..but it will be genuine…not calculated love……being in love means taking risks and making sacrifices….because all it does is makes love special…but if u pit conditions like…only of u r going to be all the way can we be in love…den its just fake…..thats what i think….i may be immature….in my thinking…but thats what it is….i am not here to hide…so i wont.

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      6. It’s not mature or immature. It is your way of looking at it. I don’t know how much time I have left so whatever time I have if a guy is not serious I don’t want to waste my time. Being in love is easy, staying in love is difficult.. U just said love is boring after a period exactly.. Its upto us to make that connection to each other every day.. Same routine same person will be boring, it’s only then u know u have to work hard. A person who has that maturity and understanding is fine rest can keep walking on

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      7. Yes my parents have been there when I broke into pieces. They helped me stand up again,, so breaking down because love gone is not an option for me because my parents can’t see that.. So people who stand with me always matter to me than who come and go… So love in any kind of relationship is a commitment not only between man n woman

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      8. Ok parents love is unconditional.. But not a child’s love for the parents… As I said i look after my parents because I genuinely like them as human beings, my love is a commitment to them not because I have to.. All love in any form should be upgraded from feeling to a commitment.. What is the condition you keep on talking about?? The things I ask for is what love is, standing by the person, with the person, being there for good or bad, just saying I love u I love u is not love.. Bad days are going to come but how you come out of it along with the person u love is important.. Work for the relationship, when u work love works… Even for a bonfire to remain alit Hawa deni padti hai otherwise it becomes ashes…
        I see most say love but no strength behind their words. What you think as condition is actually the meaning of love
        Otherwise tum main aur shahrukh khan main kya farak, dono kkkk Kiran bologe

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      9. Haha…wow….really….shahrukh…thats funny….by condition i meant….ki i will love him if he promises to stay forevr….or something else like dis….no….i think you will someone​ even if they are for a short while…if only its love….now if u love someone…would it be better to stay with them even when u know its for a while…or just not be with them…. coz u know they are going to leave in the end… tell me…will u stay kr not?

        Dont just consider ur situation….i am talking in general…would people stay in love happily even if its for a short while….or just stay away from it to avoid future heartbreak…..which is better…i think from my pov we should experience loving someone and staying with them…even if its for a short while….if love is strong…i dont feel the need to keep it for forever….coz as i said…even the strong love will die…and all there will remain is affection and most importantly adat….because it hurts most when a person leaves is mot because of the love…but because they become ur habit…..and it’s hard to change ur habits….very hard.

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      10. Nopes.. To the first question… I am not built that way.. My mind is pretty strong in that sense.. If a woman can commit forever so can a man… Experiencing momentary love even if he or she is going is all bullshit… That men just say to persuade.. Believe me, I have seen men talk to get their way… I am not in love with that kind of love… So losing interest in that man after a few years doesn’t happen with me… Because I work very hard at the relationship.. If I am working hard at it, so can a man.. This is my pov… I cant talk about love in general because I don’t think most know what love is.. If your love is not your best friend, not whom you like and respect then you are not in love.. If we can accept our friends and enjoy with them from childhood till death then how can u apply the logic to love, that it goes away… Both partners in the relationship have to work hard to keep it alive… One person can’t do it and the other call it habit..
        Every good thing in life needs hard work.. Love is not maggie 2min noodles… Its sheer hard work every second every day.. And one day you will find your love is permanent..
        What people do in general is something I don’t even care… Love is personal so I can talk about my views only… Live a few more years, you will laugh at ur older posts as life is so much more.. If you have the ability to see it.. Try it..
        It’s a medical fact that the initial few months of rush you get when u see your love that all chemical enzymes in the brain.. Its only when that goes away but yet you find happiness with than 1 person.. That becomes the foundation of true love… But love is hard work..

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