A lazy Story…!!!- Introduction

Hello friends, family and their friends!! I have decided to write a little about the escapades of a (spoilers😂😂) lazy guy. Lets call him "Sam"😂😂 . To be honest, this will be totally fiction( i wish!), and not at all true(wink😜). Please support me as you do, because this will be my first attempt to jot [...]

Dear friends!!

Hiii bloggers, I wanted to do this for a long time, i.e. dedicate a poem to my friends, who despite of my shortcomings have been there, i will not say thanks, to disrespect you guys . .but its been a blessing to have you in my life. I am weird and i know it, Moody [...]

Little things!

You don't always notice them, But they add up to make a moment, These links that bond some one, Little thing's matter the most, Just like a reaction to every action, Bless you, after a sneeze, Sometimes they make you smile, While also making you mad, These can be ignored every day, Yet makes your [...]


The weeks go dry, In these summer days, All i need is now, Just a little of rain, My heart was fine, Beating and all, Need a new excuse, To travel once more, Rain is something i like, Rain is someone i love, This place is hot, humid and dry, I really need you in [...]

Karma is a Bi*#h

Hey guys, how are you all? I read this somewhere and was truly mind blown. Please read and understand the message.     A boy was dropping his parents off to their old age home.   As he turned to leave, his father said, " Don't feel bad son, This is my punishment".   The [...]

Good night baby!

Today I felt the rain, Drenching me all the way, I felt the pain, Washing down along with hate, Kept it inside for so long, Was always bitter on my own, There was no reason for this, Did not want to let you go, When we met, you promised me, Showed me love and support, [...]

The last time

I was awake for a while, Picturing a reality in mind, You in my arms again, With a big bright smile, Our love felt so strong, Age did not mind us, Togetherness is what we desired, And not to get lost this time, Wind blew hard and fast, Makimg us fall all around, Anchors got [...]

Sorry I am dead!

Long before i was alive, Yes i was dead!   Before i knew love, Yes i was dead!   Long lost in memories, I was dead!   Love was deep and long, Kept me from being dead!   Missing you in the flesh, Like it was before, Your voice, and smile, Kept me from being [...]

Heaven or hell

I was alone in the park, it was beautiful and dark, I looked around to my right, there was no one to fight. Felt guilty on my own, nobody was anymore known, leaving all those behind, I ran away from all kind. Silence was my sanctuary, noise was very weary, emptiness enveloped me again, there [...]