Lazy Story…!!! – 6

First few days were the hardest for me, it was so unexpected and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. "Shreya" had left the town and she moved to another city in a blink of an eye. We had just proposed our love to each other and I was nowhere near to [...]

Morning dew!!

The morning dew that I saw, Looked shiny and bright,     Like a tear it rolled down, From leaf to the wet ground,     Freshness of the grass, Smells of happiness and peace,     That dew started all this, With the first drop among the few,     Everything needs a first [...]

Lazy Story…!!! – 5

I really wanted to have a chance to speak with her again. After a loss of words last time, I had practiced a lot and was now prepared, full of confidence and dreamy eyes I decided to confront her again. I had finally asked her about the book.  She had already finished it and returned [...]