Just Sharing!!

Hey guys, I have been pretty busy last few days, so I thought of sharing a few, well lines in a different fashion that I usually do. These were done when emotions are running strong, you have things to say, do and sometimes you do them, but sometimes ( more than sometimes) you just let... Continue Reading →


The Broken Doll!!!

A little girl broke her doll, Scared and shy she was sad,   Afraid to say anything anymore, She sobbed silently as an empty shore,   Trying to glue is all together, Wishing it would mend like before,   Tears swelled up in those innocent eyes, How would she tell her father now,   He... Continue Reading →

No Glasses, No Life!!!

For all the four eyes people, I love you all. I know the struggle, and how life is without them, its a part or extension of our body. I have been gifted with glasses my whole life, when I first started getting headaches, I was 11 years old. I was a very mischievous kid, so... Continue Reading →

Halloween Crunch!!

Look at the light, Shining with all the might, Keeping the path lit, Full of fairies and shit, Deep withing my eyes, I have seen a lot of byes, Now the time is here, Not to have any fear, Wear your masks and have a tart, Halloween is just the start. Grounds will open and... Continue Reading →

I am fine!!

It may seem impossible now, But yeah, I am fine! All the things I did, Wantedto feel alive,   Together we grew apart, Maybe never got too close,   A human moment was needed, To make it again spark,   Little shower of rain, And we were together wet,   Hoping to find shelter and... Continue Reading →

Rain will come!!

When you think back, What can you remember? Do you remember the times, When your life was dry, No hope and only worries, Just a icy cold night, I took your hand and whispered, Believe that, the rain will come, It was impossible to know, Yet we started believing, Knowing somehow this drought, Will be... Continue Reading →

Our Little Prince!!

Dear World, I have been blessed with an incredible bundle of joy, he is my little nephew Arjun, who came to our life and gave our whole family, a new beginning into a new generation. Arjuni - natkhat kanha๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜ He is the first child in our family from the next generation and his presence makes... Continue Reading →

Travel log – second leg!!!

Its been over a month since my last endeavour towards mountains. I was mesmerized by the snake like moutains, which were tough yet magnificent. Bhagsu Fall - Macleod Ganj I wanted to visit them again, and what can I say, if you wish for something long enough, it gets accepted by God. I am on... Continue Reading →

Lazy Story…!!! – part 8

It was a rainy tuesday evening, a bit more gloomy than usual. I was visiting a temple (dragged is more likely), with my new roommate Manish. He was quite easy-going and very humourous as we bonded quite easily although it was a big deal for me. We had made a plan to catch a movie,... Continue Reading →

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