Now the mornings are busy, Office rush, which we hate, Life moves on faster from here, Doesn't even let us wait, We are proud to work so hard, Bound by time to get up fast, Sweat and blood all lost, Money is love for all, Family left to make the day, Wandering around for the... Continue Reading →

“A girl I love”

I remember a day of love, A day of smiles and hugs, My heart was fluttering, As my eyes were struck, I woke up with a smile, Knew you were worth my time, Everything was arranging itself, Life like a winning game of chess, A girl whose eyes shine brightly, A girl who laughs loudly,... Continue Reading →

“Long Sweet Night”

Hello PEOPLE, HOW HAVE YOU ALL BEEN? Long day and short nights,Tired and out of breath, I walk through the place searching, People and things to quench myself, Love, hate, longing and wait,I have given all to myself, Now its time again,To lay it all again to waste, A short night ends soon, Again a... Continue Reading →

Lonely Star

I look up at the sky, Hoping for a beautiful night, Sky is clear and dark, There is just a single star, I gaze upon the lone star, Pondering how it survives, Alone and still so bright, Shining with all its might, It shines and defeats the darkness, Makes itself known to whole humankind, I... Continue Reading →

“My Unadorned Love”

5 PM I took 3 showers, sprayed a whole bottle of deodorant and still I was sweating my ass off, literally. How can I be so nervous, I know its my first time meeting her, but we have already spoken like 1000 times, for the last 4 months all we ever did was talk, day... Continue Reading →

Just Wondering Why?

If you knew, being with someone, will hurt you later, sharing your soul, living together that will turn into beautiful memories for you will be the only thing that you can take from our time together. Would you be willing to still stay with the person and make memories or would you get rid of... Continue Reading →

Lazy Thought!!!

Here is a thought for the day. What if, all those times when we just get lazy, we relax and have fun, all the times which cause us to be guilty of having fun are the only times that will be counted when we are judged after life. There are times in our life, where... Continue Reading →

Starry Eyes

I saw a girl Under a starry night Waiting for something Hoping for a smile, She was wearing white Her lips pinkish shade Her curly brown hairs Fluttering like the leaves, Her eyes were different She seemed lost Eerie sound of silence Echo's and howling in distance, The moon was covered with clouds A few... Continue Reading →

“Morning Smiles”

"A special morning wakes me, Sleep was flawless and I smile,     Sun leers in through the gaps, Your silver necklace just gave a shine,     I see an angel on my side, Sleeping still with a smile,     One glance at that calm face, I can't resist but try,    ... Continue Reading →

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